Reference for{SEARCHTERM}/geography?detail={GEOSHAPE}&dataformat={GEOFORMAT}

Searches for Units matching the given 'searchTerm' and returns a list of Unit Geographies, each providing a text representation of their WGS84 GIS coordinates. Multiple search terms can be submitted, but they must be separated by semicolons. Valid values for the 'detail' parameter (the level of geospatial detail) are 'envelope', 'convexhull', or 'feature'. Valid values for the 'dataformat' parameter (the text format of the coordinates) are 'wkt' and 'gml'. If not specified, the default detail is 'convexHull' and the default format is 'wkt'.


HTTP Method: GET

This operation supports JSONP responses. The callback function can be specified using the "callback" Url query parameter.

Message direction Format Body
Request N/A The Request body is empty.
Response Unknown The Response body cannot be inferred.