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Inventory_Vegetation/Vegetation_Map_Service_for_Oregon_Caves_National_Monument (MapServer)

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Map Name: Vegetation Map Service for Oregon Caves National Monument


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Spatial Reference: 26910  (26910)

Single Fused Map Cache: false

Initial Extent:
    XMin: 461931.96343609184
    YMin: 4655595.255520614
    XMax: 476081.90840264846
    YMax: 4665595.457011402
    Spatial Reference: 26910  (26910)

Full Extent:
    XMin: 446623.6205000002
    YMin: 4658922.2764
    XMax: 470536
    YMax: 4667988.527
    Spatial Reference: 26910  (26910)

Units: esriMeters


Document Info:
    Title: Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve Vegetation Map
    Author: Dominic DiPaolo
    Comments: The geographic information system (GIS) format spatial data set of vegetation for the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve (ORCA) vegetation mapping and inventory project was created for the National Park Service (NPS) Vegetation Mapping Inventory Program (VMIP). The project area covers over 1,842 ha (4,553 acres). The map classification scheme used to create the vegetation data set is designed to represent local vegetation types at the finest level possible using the National Vegetation Classification Standard (NVCS) Version 2. The associations present in each map unit are also coded into the database. Vegetation plot sampling was conducted to describe the associations and to develop the map classification scheme. A total of 600 vegetation plots were sampled at CRLA. A detailed vegetation analysis of these data was undertaken along with historic information to develop the map classification scheme, in accordance with the National Vegetation Classification Standard (NVCS) Version 2. The vegetation data set was developed by interpreting aerial photographs collected in 2011 and extensive field surveys. The project report for the CRLA vegetation mapping project provides details pertaining to the methods of the vegetation sampling, classification, and mapping. The vegetation data are distributed as an ESRI format file geodatabase, stored in Universal Transverse Mercator zone 10 mapping coordinates, North American Datum 1983.
    Subject: The NPS Vegetation Mapping Inventory Program (VMIP) is an effort to classify, describe, and map exisiting vegetation of national park units.
    Keywords: National Monument, NPS Vegetation Inventory Program, National Park Service, Oregon Caves National Monument, Vegetation Map
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